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Let there be light

One of the most magical times to be in the garden is the golden hour - that fleeting moment when the setting sun radiates a kaleidoscope of colour and the peaceful shadows of the evening creep in.

The relationship between light and shadow is as important when creating an outdoor scheme as it is an indoor one, and great lighting in a garden can create depth, enhance texture and highlight structure.

Undeniably functional - we all need illumination to move around our gardens after dark, and to cook safely - clever lighting invokes an emotional response, too.

Use it to illuminate a favourite tree. Wind a path from your door to your entertaining area to draw in your guests. Cocoon a dining table with pretty festoon bulbs. Or give your parasol purpose with pretty string lights wound around the struts to keep the party going long after the sun has set.

The general rule of thumb is, the more discreet your lighting, the more atmosphere and drama you’ll create.

Discover a huge collection of outdoor lighting, from festoon lights to garden lanterns and fire pits, in our Worcestershire showrooms.

Garden lighting inspiration

Flower power

Nestled in a border or lighting a lawn, our solar-powered Dandelions come into their own when the sun goes down. With 120 LED lights clustered around a 1m high stalk, they’re an ethereal addition to any garden and include a solar panel and rechargeable battery for duller days. Hang pretty solar-powered Starbursts in trees to subtly light cooking areas or add the free-standing versions on stakes to wind a welcoming path from your outdoor room to your house.

Lightstyle London Dandelion and Lightstyle London Starburst lights

String me along

Festoon lights look wonderful when they’re generously strung across a dining area. Neptune’s Rosewood festoon lights are robust and elegant and can be clipped together to create longer strings. Or try Lucas - daintier white strings which are also extendable for larger areas.

Neptune Rosewood festoon lights

Party with a parasol

When the sun goes in, leave your parasol up and bring a party atmosphere to your evening table with pretty battery-operated or solar-powered fairy lights wound around the struts. The Starburst Chain looks like delicate fronds of honeysuckle and are spectacular draped under canvas or wound around the branches of trees or rustic fencing. Or try delicate strings of battery-powered cluster lights in subtle shades from copper through to silver and gold to bring sparkle to your outdoor room.

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Lightstyle London Moroccan solar lanterns

Arabian nights

Moroccan-style lanterns hung from trees or placed around a dining table will throw scattered shadows across your outdoor room and bring colour and texture to your space. Mix and match sizes and colours with these solar lanterns in shades of blue, gold, emerald, mulberry and pink. Some balloon-shaped, some cylindrical, some globe-like, some with metal stands for grouping on the floor, they create a show-stopping display redolent of hot summer nights.

Lightstyle London Pebble light and Lightstyle London Globe light

Ground force

Ground-level lights can be used to subtly illuminate features in your garden, from sculptures to architectural plants and garden antiques. Solar spheres are both elegant and striking while the tactile Pebbles are unashamedly modern and look fabulous in a contemporary setting.

Lightstyle London Golden Leaves and Lightstyle London Ivy lights

Nature and nurture

Foliage-shaped lighting looks fabulous climbing up a wall behind a sitting or cooking area in your garden. Solar Ivy is pretty and practical, while Autumn Leaves and Golden Leaves are beautiful used inside or outdoors. Bring floral flair to a courtyard with the Petite Fleur botanical art design in soft shades of mulberry, burnt orange and duck egg.

Old flame

There’s nothing like a roaring fire pit to make your outdoor room the most welcoming space in the house. Our British-made fire pits come in three sizes - 70cm, 80cm and 90cm - to perfectly fit the size of your garden. And best of all, they all have a removable cooking grate so double-up as a brilliant barbecue before the temperature drops and it’s time to put the logs on and your feet up.

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Fire pit with removable BBQ grate

Bring the indoors out 

Who says you can't use indoor lighting outdoors?

Culinary Concepts’ dazzling Tashi lanterns look spectacular grouped together by a front door. Place flickering pillar candles inside them for a welcoming touch, or choose longer-lasting light with battery-operated church candles, available in-store in several sizes. Hang Neptune tealight holders from silk ribbons in trees - being careful to avoid foliage near to the flame - for a fairytale look.

And Neptune's battery-powered Hanover lamps in finishes from nickel to bronze are an elegant centrepiece for a formal supper under the stars. Just remember to take them safely back indoors at the end of the evening.

Discover Neptune by Holloways, our store-in-store.

Neptune Hanover lamp

Turn up the heat

Turn up the heat on chillier nights with our new Overhang patio heater. At once an outdoor light and useful heater, it comes with an arched base - ready to fill with sand - and smart wicker shade for contemporary and traditional settings alike. Best of all, it has a remote control, so there's no need to ever leave the sofa.

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Overhang patio heater

Overhang patio heater

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