Gallery1 is part of the magnificent new 8000 sq.ft. showroom at Holloways. It is home to an eclectic mix of modern furniture, antique pieces and unusual decorative accessories. Carefully chosen antiques and vintage furnishings sit alongside quirky sculptures to create a unique interior. Gallery1 shows you how contemporary design, antique furniture, stunning sofas, art and beautiful and unique objects can all be used together to create an individual home. If you haven't visited us for a while you will be surprised and delighted!

A Music Room

Hobbs sofas and armchairs

This calm and serene music room perfectly illustrates the concept behind our collection in Gallery1. Contemporary British-made furniture, Hobbs sofa and armchairs, connected by a striking focal point, an Art Deco cupboard, a central Replay coffee table and a duo of vintage loudspeakers are lifted to another level by a stunning piece of art on the wall. Form and function are design-lead in this harmonious interior. 

Picasso - Dining Redrawn

Picasso Table Table and Chairs

The Picasso is a new concept in luxurious dining pulling together the new and the old. This gorgeous contemporary dining room table uses stainless steel and glass (new materials), offset by the rugged texture of a reclaimed timber top (the old). The rectangular table, made from strips of deeply grained, reclaimed wood under a sheet of tempered glass, is supported on two heavy polished stainless steel, X-form pedestals. The texture of the old timber contrasts to great effect with the soft crushed chenille upholstery of the elegant roll-back dining chairs.

Next-Level Glamorous

Ritz Curved Sofa and Footstool

The curved Ritz sofa is our version of acceptable glamour - a big trend in interior design this year. The Ritz is no shrinking violet. Big, spacious and opulent in luxurious fabrics, including rich crushed velvets, the Ritz is going to make a statement in any room. Gallery1 will show you all the essentials of this style - intense, rich colour, gleaming accessories, strong shapes, luxurious textures, and quirky pieces - note the silver octopus side table.

In The Spotlight

No more ordinary ornaments! Fill your home with objet d'arts - conversation-starters, attention-seekers, objects of wonder and delight. Celebrate craftsmanship, imagination and design, and worship form and creativity. Make your home the home of the unique and unusual, the one-off. In Gallery1 you will find all these things - from stone cutting wheels to a ceramic hand-sculpted gecko and an abstract pair of bronze horses. All will stop you in your tracks and become talking points in a well-designed interior.

Art and Antiques Gallery

Gallery1 is a stunning gallery in the accepted meaning that it displays one-off pieces of furniture, sculpture, photography and art. You will find eye-catching pieces of furniture, contemporary paintings, rare prints, handsome sculpture and remarkable works of art. We never loose our 'home in the country' aesthetic, and we believe a chic city home can have country house style too. 

So come and visit Gallery1 and see our unique collection for yourself. It is also the home of our new Tetrad sofas in Harris Tweed and leather, and our modern European living and dining furniture collections too. 

The new Gallery Showroom is the home of our Neptune Store-in-Store, extensive space to display all-seasons Garden Furniture and The Sanctuary Beauty Rooms, Hair and Beauty Salon. Come and visit us soon!