All of a sudden, our horizons have changed and our homes have become everything to us for work, rest and play. While just a few months ago, working from home was for the select few and the self-employed, many of us have now had to rethink our living areas to accommodate an element of office space. And although makeshift dining table desks and laptop sofa loafing were temporary fixes while we all got used to the new normal, it’s now time to reimagine your home working environment.

The press has been full of polls showing just how many of us will be working from home from now on. A recent study in The Times revealed almost two thirds of financiers will be working from home at least one day a week going forward. Another suggested three out of five people will be permanently home-based after lockdown is eased, now bosses have been compelled to embrace home-working and have seen the benefits first hand.

From increased productivity and motivation to rising happiness levels, a reduction in stress and a lighter environmental footprint, working from home has many advantages. Home-workers report a better work-life balance while employers hail greater staff retention and the financial benefits of not having to provide office space.

What’s important to consider when you’re creating your home office is not the size of your house - it’s possible to create a functional working space almost anywhere - but rather what you’ll use it for, how long you’ll be in there each day and what your business or your employer requires. Whether you’re Zooming, having a Team meeting or just beavering away quietly, you’ll need to think about creating a comfortable environment, free from distractions, with clever storage and enough desk space to meet your needs.

 Whether you’ve got a separate room, a corner of a dining or sitting room, or a space under the stairs, creating a workable home office takes up less space than you think. If your office is to be in a separate room, consider a different decor scheme to the rest of your home. This will help you make the distinction between work and home life. For contemporary spaces, think glass-topped tables like the Hebden, open shelving and striking designer chairs like the Ribble to add a pop of colour and sense of fun. Or if space is at a premium, try a traditional corner desk like the Oxford with a small footprint and bags of storage space in integral filing cabinets, drawers and cupboards.



Dedicating a corner of your sitting or dining room to your working day? A workstation like Neptune’s Chichester will allow you to Zoom to your heart’s content in the day time - and when your work is done, it closes up to hide all your paperwork revealing an elegant piece of furniture, which blends seamlessly with your living space decor.


You spend as long in the office as you do in bed, so you need to be comfortable. But just because you’re creating a workspace at home, it doesn’t mean your office chair has to look like something off the flight deck of the Starship Enterprise. Investing in a great chair won’t only support your back and improve your posture, it can be an elegant addition to an inviting space, encouraging you to stay put and focus on the job in hand. Our Ribble swivel chair comes in a choice of vibrant wool, leather and linen fabric options and is both stylish and supremely comfortable. 


They say a tidy desk is a tidy mind… Having enough storage to keep you organised is crucial. Remove any useless clutter, make sure cables are tucked away and add stylish filing cabinets and shelving to tidy up paperwork. Try our Oxford open-shelved rack with cupboards and filing drawers - perfect for professional books, files and family photos to bring a smile to your day. It’s smart oak grain - available with a choice of handles and even paint finishes - looks equally at home in a dedicated home office or in a dining or sitting room.


While fresh air and natural light will save your eyes and keep you alert, a good desk lamp is always a smart investment. Neptune’s Brompton table lamp, inspired by 20th Century industrial designs, is beautiful and practical.

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