If this year has taught us anything, it's to tread much more lightly on this planet of ours, to preserve our oceans, to protect our wildlife and to recycle and reuse as much as we can. Say hello to our new environmentally-friendly furniture and accessories that are as light on the earth as they are heavy on comfort and style.

Padstow sofa

Sofas with a lot of bottle

For more than 20 years, our supplier has been manufacturing award-winning sofas for us in the Welsh valleys using heritage techniques. Now their designers have paired tradition with state-of-the-art materials, creating an innovative range of Forever fabrics made from 100% recycled plastics.

Forever fabric

Forever, for always

Produced from plastic waste, Forever fabric is available in a stunning spectrum of colours.

Mindfully manufactured with a reduced carbon footprint - all unused yarns and bobbins are recycled in the factory - it's made from discarded drinks bottles, some of the 12 million tons of plastics dumped in our oceans every year and upcycled cotton clothing. Soft to the touch but incredibly hardwearing, Forever fabric is both remarkable and responsible.

Padstow sofa

Chase away the winter blues

Lapping waves, big skies and sand between your toes...

Coastal blues and rich aquamarines bring a year-round freshness to our living spaces, wherever we are in the world. The deep, comfortable upholstery of our Padstow collection is as kind to the ocean as it is durable, thanks to recycled Forever fabrics and a manufacturing process which requires no new petroleum.

padstow armchair

Soft, tactile and supremely comfortable, the Padstow two-seater sofa and three-seater sofa and Padstow armchair are not only planet-friendly, they're exceptionally durable. 

There's a Padstow snuggler, pictured below, for curling up in comfort with Netflix or a good book.

Padstow Snuggler

Built on handmade hardwood frames with serpentine sprung seats, Forever fabrics come in vibrant shades of Teal and Aqua, pictured, to Charcoal and Blush, and everything in between.

Hoxton sofa

Relax, recline, recharge

Unassumingly classic, our new Hoxton collection of sofas and armchairs spells contemporary living. 

Upholstered in environmentally kind Forever fabrics or the innovative no-spill Aquaclean range, they're packed with traditional craftsmanship and are both practical and stylish.

The Hoxton three-seater sofa, pictured, is a recliner - built-in leg rests rise at the touch of a button for the ultimate in relaxation.

Add a super-comfy Hoxton Snuggler or Hoxton Armchair - beautifully wide, it's perfect to curl up on with your favourite box set with standard or pillow back. Again, if you choose the motion lounger option, the armchair turns into a relaxing recliner at the touch of a button.

There's a Hoxton Two-Seater Sofa, too, and a stylish Hoxton Designer Armchair, pictured, which includes a neck support pillow as standard.

All come in a stunning range of recycled Forever fabrics or the innovative Aquaclean range - a spill-resistant weave which will leave you watching drama on your television, not on your furniture if your glass of wine happens to take a tumble.

Hoxton reclining sofa

Hoxton recliner

Hoxton armchair

Plastic fantastic

Imagine textiles that feel just like natural fibres - yet are made entirely from recycled plastic. We love these vibrant, washable rugs and footstools, all made from discarded drinks bottles.

Bold colours pair beautifully with statement walls and rugs like this Nomad Atlas Kilim are as at home in contemporary spaces as they are in period settings.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, the rugs are hand woven, look and feel like wool, are easy to clean and incredibly hard wearing. They're available in various sizes.

Nomad Atlas Kilim rug

Put your feet up with a clear conscience with a footstool from the same range. 

They're practical, beautiful and environmentally-friendly. Call 01886 884665 for designs in stock.

Nomad footstool