Have you noticed that luxury and glamour have made a comeback in interiors? We have been in the spell of minimalism for too long and a hunger for colour, pattern and texture has returned. If you want to express your personality to the full, maximalism is the way to do it. Go bold with colour, appreciate embellishment, and put your possessions on display. Here at Holloways we have embraced this latest trend in interiors and can give you plenty of inspiration about how to do maximalism well. We call it Max Luxe.


Tiffany Grand Sofa in Opium Emerald and Rio Olive and Footstool in Rio Magenta

House & Garden says 'Forget about 'less is more' and embrace 'more is more' because maximalism is here to stay. Clashing patterns, riotous colour, vast collections of objects - this trend has everything we love.'

The Tiffany collection epitomises everything about maximalist living. A collection of gorgeous hand-made sofas capturing the streamlined curves of the Art Deco era and, like the very best designs of that period, combining those stunning good looks with the very latest materials and technology. Swathed in rich GP&J Baker printed fabrics and sumptuous Italian velvets, they make a bold statement.


Ritz Curved Corner Sofa in Glamour Peacock with cushions in Simene Prussian and Rusland Prussian. Footstool in Langden Prussian

'To me, maximalism is the epitome of the passion, power and joy that can be expressed through a room, and is a much-needed switch-up from the long-serving minimalism, boho and farmhouse norms,' says interior designer Marilynn Taylor. 'Glamour and luxury are making their mainstream comeback, and I couldn't be happier about it.' 

We can help you to create opulence with rich hues, tactile materials and brave patterns, and add a few eccentricities – it’s your signature! And our new Gallery1 showroom has plenty of luxury fabrics, intense colours, bold wallpapers and quirky accessories - like this octopus side table - to bring out your inner maximalist. Come and see for yourself.


Crawford Wingback Chair in Opium Sapphire and Royal Garden Sapphire

Maximalism is at its best when there’s a common theme running through it, some kind of visual theatre to tell a story. For example a theme of nature could introduce bold botanical prints, oil paintings of landscapes and animal sculptures, or a floral theme can include fabrics, art, wallpaper and vibrant floral arrangements. Inspired by the Hollywood actress Joan Crawford, this curvaceous Crawford wingback chair is a take on a timeless classic and could be the inspiration you need to begin your maximalism journey.


Picasso table and chairs stainless steel frame, recycled wood and glass top, chairs in Petrol crushed chenille

Too many of us walk away from pieces that we love because 'they don’t match' our colour schemes. But maximalism is all about saying 'yes' to the items that make your heart sing and bringing them into your home whether they match or not. Mixing materials and styles makes for an interesting home, bringing unexpected and surprising elements into it. Just look at the different elements and textures combined together in the Picasso dining furniture - rough recycled wood, shiny stainless steel, smooth glass, and rich-textured velvet chenille. Add objects and art and richly-patterned sofas with cushions that Must Mot Match.


Picasso Console Table in Gallery1

Carefully style what used to be called ‘clutter’ to achieve a treasure-trove effect. Fill your home with objet d'arts - conversation-starters, attention-seekers, objects of wonder and delight. Celebrate craftsmanship, imagination and design, and worship form and creativity. Make your home the home of the unique and unusual, the one-off. In Gallery1 you will find all these things - from stone cutting wheels and original modern art to an abstract pair of bronze horses. All will stop you in your tracks and become talking points in a well-designed interior.


Lamour Snuggler in Opium Moonstone with scatter cushion in Rio and Tibetan lambswool cushion

You will have to be brave and confident to become a maximalist, but anything goes! Once you start, this incredible exhilarating style will fall into place and will give you a freedom in design you may have not experienced before. Adding to a room becomes pleasurable, fascinating, energising and restorative. And we think that just one visit to our new Gallery1 showroom with inspire you to take the first step to maximalism. Our interior designers are always on hand to help and advise. Don't be afraid to ask - your questions make their job more interesting!