The Gift Shop at Holloways

I had no idea this was here!
Many of our visitors to Holloways are taken aback by the variety and extent of our furniture showrooms and our displays of garden antiques and ornaments, even those who have travelled the length of the country to come here. But there's another side to the Holloways Experience that our guests find just as surprising... and exciting.

The path to The Glasshouse Café leads through an Aladdin's cave of home-making accessories and gifts - everything you need to accessorise a new room or breathe a new lease of life into an old one. There are candles galore, scents and room fragrances, jewellery and pottery, glassware and table linen, lamps and lanterns, and lots more gorgeous curiosities.

Take your time and you will find the perfect gift for everyone! We have inspirational and well-selected gifts for contemporary country home-makers, garden lovers, domestic goddesses, teens and tots, grans and dads - in fact everyone on your list.

You will find beautiful hand knits from Nepal, etched glass from Michael Virden and printed kitchenware from Mosney Mill in Lancashire. We have searched far and wide to bring you the best selection of gifts you will find. Our gift specialist, Katie, is on hand to offer suggestions and ideas.

The designs of this gorgeous knitwear originate in the Andean Mountains of South America and the company also bring handmade wool and cotton products from Nepal. Nearly all their home-workers are village based, and knitters fit crafting these beautiful hand knits around their own family and work commitments to supplement their income from farming. These simple classics allow the natural beauty of the material to express itself and uncluttered design is combined with gorgeous texture and colour and, nearly always, a little 'Pachamama' or 'Earth Mother' twist. 

We are delighted to be able to offer these elegant engraved and etched glass bowls by Michael Virden. Beautifully portraying county life, they make a perfect gift for anyone who loves horses, shooting, hunting, or just loves living in the country. The etched crystal glass is finely decorated with country scenes, including grazing stags, horses on the gallops, shooting parties and hunting. Bowls, vases, platters, compotes and tea light holders have intricate designs depicting foxes, squirrels, badgers, hedgehogs, dogs and foxes. Wine glasses are etched with hunting and shooting scenes and whiskey glasses, a great gift for a countryman, decorated with pheasants, foxes, hares or hedgehogs. 

The moment Emma Sutton drove down the bumpy farm track to Mosney house, she knew the place was special. The overgrown hedgerows were teaming with robins, blue-tits and an assortment of finches, flying out ahead of her as though guiding her on to Mosney grounds. Once on the land, Emma immediately got what she describes as ‘an almost spiritual feeling' that she was Home. With stunning new surroundings and newfound inspiration, Emma picked up her pencils and began to draw animals from the gorgeous scenery she was immersed in. A range of whimsical creatures began to emerge, each with a story and a special place on the family’s land and in their hearts. Emma adores nature and aside from her domestic animals, she has developed a bond with some of the wild life, looking out for them and sharing cherished moments in their presence. These treasured moments have inspired her homeware range of aprons, oven gloves, tea towels and hob covers. They are gorgeous!

The latest must-have toy for under 10s - an Irish Fairy Door. Let the Irish Fairy people explain in their own words:

"Bring some magic into your home with a fairy of your very own! That was why, when The International Fairy Council approached us with an offer to help find human homes for fairies, it seemed the perfect opportunity had presented itself! Of course we agreed straight away and once the ink on the fairy contract was dry we set to work. We help fairies relocate into homes and gardens all over the world by producing high quality Irish fairy doors; our aim is to create memorable family moments and a little magic all year round - all YOU need to do is believe!

At the beginning of this journey we were determined to do one thing and that was to ‘slow down’ the fast paced screen life our children were now growing up in. We were not ignorant to the fact that our little people are part of a cyber age but we desperately wanted to balance their experiences so that they could search online for inspiration but also in their own little minds. A fairy door which is not only a door for your fairy to live behind in your home, but a gateway to endless imaginative play. Having a fairy come live with you is a journey, a family experience where lasting memories are made. As parents to little believers, we love when the fairies write back to our children, to see the wonder and excitement in their eyes; to see their imagination ignite right in front of us is beyond special. Every child is born with an imagination, some using theirs more than others. Having a magical friend helps the child to rediscover the power of their own imagination which is absolutely limitless!"

This is only a small taste of the wonderful array of gifts for all your friends and family we have all year round. Come to our fabulous Gift Shop and see how easy it is to find 'something for everyone' - and stay for lunch! You'll be glad you have discovered our secret.

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