The Blenheim range of beautiful table designs combines style with strength. Layers of fine oak have been formed into graceful arches (inspired by a console table see in Blenheim palace) to create a sophisticated occasional table collection. 

The Blenheim is made from the finest sustainable oak, coloured with a chalk IsoGuard treatment for added protection and then lightly brushed to bring out the woods natural beauty through its grain. 

  • £325

    This low, square side table is just made for a gorgeous lamp or a spectacular flower arrangement. The beautiful design of the Blenheim table, with its curved braces and turned legs, is the perfect foil for dramatic accessories. Made from the finest sustainable oak, coloured with a chalk IsoGuard treatment for added protection, the Blenheim low side table...

  • £465

    The delicate, ethereal design of this elegant console table was derived from an antique console table in the collection at Blenheim Palace. the fine, curved stretchers that support the slim turned legs, are made from thin layers of oak formed into graceful arches giving the table great strength. The Blenheim console table is made from the finest...

  • £340

    This small, perfectly formed console table, made from oak in a soft chalk finish, would grace any hall or living room. Its semi-circular top is supported on three slender, turned legs with delicate ribbon-like stretchers made from laminated oak, giving the piece great strength as well as beauty. For extra protection from stains, the wood is treated with...

  • £365

    Tall and slim, this elegant side table is the perfect choice for almost any room in the house thanks to its timeless design and small footprint. Equally at home as one of a pair in your bedroom or in that corner of your landing or hallway, the Blenheim tall side table looks fantastic in any role. Made from the finest sustainable oak, coloured with a chalk...

  • £420

    Two coffee tables that could find a place in any home. Made from the finest oak, softly coloured in a chalk finish with IsoGuard treatment for added protection, the elegant proportions of these tables reflect their roots in the halls of Blenheim Palace. The smaller of these two coffee tables will suit any room, while the large, at almost a meter wide and...

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